Men’s & Preachers Meeting

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Singing 2015

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Vacation Bible School 2015

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Summer Series 2015

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Lads to Leaders 2015

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L2L 2015 Lads to Leaders Conference

Theme: ONE

Ephesians 4:4-6  There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

St. Andrews Road is thankful to each one of these students who took the time to learn more about God’s Word and learn more about being a leader in their congregation, community, and schools.

Student Participation:

Olivia Burley: Year-Round Songs of Praise (Bronze), Speech

Bria Clark: Year-Round Bulletin Board (Bronze)

Quentin Cobb: Oral Bible Reading, Know the Books (Level 2,Bronze), Song Leading

Braelyn Garner: Arts Says It-Drawing/Sketching, Art Says It-Paint, Oral Bible Reading, know the Books (Level 2,Silver), Songs of Praise

Maisy Garner: Art Says It-Drawing/Sketching, Art Says It-Painting, Art Says It-Photography, Know the Books (Level 2,Silver), Songs of Praise

Trevin Garner: Oral Bible Reading, Know the Books (Level 2, Bronze), Song Leading

Brace Hutchison: Volunteer Host, Arts Says It-Drawing?Sketching, Art Says It-Painting, Art Says It-Photography, Centurion of Scripture (Bronze), Know the Books (Level 2, Gold), Good Samaritan (Platinum), Mass Media-Article/Editorial, Mass Media-PowerPoint Presentation, Read the Word (NT), Second Language (Silver-Spanish), Song Leading, Year-Round Song Leading, Speech

Antonio Mickens: Song Leading

Ragan Moorey: Arts Says It-Painting, Songs of Praise

Reece Moorey: Mass Media-PowerPoint Presentation, Song Leading, Year-Round Song Leading,

Rebecca Pyle: Know the Books (Bronze)

Caleb Young: Volunteer Host, Good Samaritan (Silver), Song Leading, Year-Round Song Leading, Speech, Year-Round Speech (Silver)

All participates were entered into the Group Banner also.

Winners for competition areas will be posted on Monday, April 6.

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Nicholas Smith

Our hearts are saddened by the tragic death of our beloved Nicholas Smith on March 7. We mourn with Richard and Amy Smith and Alexis and we pray for God’s comforting hands to be upon them. Nicholas will be remembered forever in our hearts and minds. 


Memorial Services will be held Thursday, March 12, at 5:00 PM at the Buford Church of Christ in Buford, GA.

There will be a visitation with the family at 4:00 PM. 

Buford Church of Christ
1135 Chatham Rd
Buford, GA 30518

Below is the link if you would like to donate to the Smith family to assist with funeral cost.

Link to map and directions for Buford Church of Christ below.

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2015 Bible Bowl

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What’s Happening in February

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New Baptism

We rejoiced with the angels in heaven as Asia Council made the decision to be baptized on Sunday, January 18. 

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Sam Soper

St. Andrews Road extends our deepest sympathy to the family of Sam Soper. Sam was the camp director for 6th Week at Palmetto Bible Camp and he served on the board for PBC. St. Andrews Road youth has been attending 6th week since Sam started it and served under him when he directed 3rd week also. Sam will be deeply missed in the brotherhood.


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Give Thanks




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Fall Festival 

October 25             5:00 PM

Picnic Area

Everyone is welcome to come.

Bring side dishes, drinks, and lawn chairs for fire pit.

Dessert Contest for all men is on once again for this year. Bring your best dessert.

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2015 Bible Bowl

Books to Study = 1 & 2 Corinthians


February 21, 2015

Information and Rules will be sent out the last week of September.

See you at the Buzzers!

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Gospel Meeting

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Monthly Men & Preachers’ Meeting August 2014

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All elders, deacons, and men are invited to join in the discussions.


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Vacation Bible School 2014

God’s Word, Digging for Answers! (Apologetics Press material)

Thank you to everyone who helped and came to our 2014 VBS! This year was a great success and we pray all of those who came were blessed by the messages.

Here are some pictures from set-up to VBS.


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Summer Series 2014

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Mrs. Jewel Hanson

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